GDPR Compliance


The European Union has introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to protect the right to privacy of all EU residents. This gives EU residents control over what personal data can be used or processed by companies. Inspired is aware of how this law affects its position and is ensuring its compliance with all aspects of the regulation to the best of its ability.

Inspired's Commitment

Inspired has prepared for GDPR compliance by helping you take ownership of the data collected and how it is used. Inspired is committed to transparency, and to complying with both the regulations and spirit of GDPR, by giving all users instant access to view and manage their data via this page. In addition, all personal data is only collected and processed with the consent of the user.

What does this mean for you?

On this page, you can login to instantly view all personal data Inspired has collected, in compliance with GDPR regulations on portability and transferability of data. You can explore all data collected and manage your consent for how we use your data, and which data you would us to use to communicate with you. Among the personal data Inspired may collect and processes is: Your user device fingerprint, Your IP address, Your location Any personal data you enter into an Ad unit, research study or other advertising solution (including but not limited to name or Email address) By logging in, you will be able to view all personal data Inspired has collected and delete any data you no longer wish to give your consent for Inspired to store and process. Should you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us

Why does Inspired store and process personal data?

Inspired stores and processes personal data to ensure the relevance of its marketing to you. We believe that if we send you relevant content experiences, then we are able to build a relationship with you. This includes the frequency of messages we send to you.

What basis does Inspired have for processing personal data?

Inspired’s processing of personal data is based on your consent as the legal basis, as outlined in GDPR. As we seek consent for the processing of personal data, Inspired is able to safely process your data – via this interface you have the ability to login and view any personal data Inspired has collected, and can withdraw consent at any time, in compliance with GDPR’s transparency regulations. Inspired’s collects data for our customers as well but they own and manage their own compliance. Inspired has given clients a portal for their clients or users to login in view all data collected on them and change preferences.

Where does Inspired store the personal data it collects?

Inspired stores its personal data using AWS technology for users in the EU. The servers used for this are physically located in Frankfurt, Germany for any media campaigns, and Virginia, US for solutions such as CRM, WiFi or QR Codes. Any data transferred outside of the EEA is transferred in compliance with GDPR.

Is any personal data collected by Inspired taken outside of the EEA?

Data collected for any users within the EU is not taken outside of the EEA.

Does Inspired collect any easily identifiable personal data (Email address, name etc.)?

Inspired does collect easily identifiable personal information but with consent.

Does Inspired place pixels within its clients’ websites?

Inspired is able to provide pixels to be placed on websites, for use in monitoring and optimising campaigns.

What does this mean for Advertising Agencies & Clients?

The agencies and clients Inspired works with also need to know how we are compliant with GDPR, and how our technology is able to work within the regulations. Below are a few common questions advertisers may have – for more detail, please refer to our privacy policy or get in touch with us!

Are agencies/clients able to provide 3rd party tracking, as well as Ad verification & monitoring tools such as IAS and Moat?

Yes, Inspired accepts both 3rd party tracking, and Ad verification/monitoring tools. Inspired will work with clients to ensure they are able to process data as required in line with GDPR’s legal basis of consent, unless such tracking/tool has a legitimate interest as defined by GDPR, such as to make consent unnecessary.

What 2nd and 3rd party data does Inspired use?

Inspired’s does use partners to deliver some services including Advertising and SMS however user preferences are managed by Inspired relating to these services and are managed by logging in.

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What’s it all about?

GDPR is changing the way any business has to communicate with their customers for the better. Whilst we’re not GDPR experts, we understand the principles as we are all tired of receiving emails we’ve never subscribed to or answering a phone call and not knowing how someone has got hold of your number. Inspired endeavours to do what we can to help you communicate with your customers far more effectively.

What’s in it for me?

Inspired has created a GDPR toolkit to help businesses navigate the GDPR minefield.

1. Once you sign up to the platform (free), a GDPR newsletter campaign awaits you to send to your customers (change logos/copy) and reasons why your customers should stay in your database.

2. Once your database is uploaded in Inspired, we have have a special login for you to place on a GDPR compliant web page, where your customers can view the data you hold on them to manage preferences.

3. We have generic GDPR copy and logos you can use on your GDPR web page as well should you want to.

Nothing to lose and everything to gain with your future customers.

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